Where You Don't Know


To tell the Beauty would decreas 

 – To state the Spell demean

There is a syllable-less Sea

 – Of which it is the sign

My will endeavors for its word

And fails, but entertains

 – A Rapture as of Legacies

 – Of introspective Mines

Emily Dickinson 1700


?The feminine voice. What is it? Where would you go for it

The feminine voice is about mystery. It's not to be looked for, since it's already part of the syntax of a dark quest. In my realm of music, you would best reach it with P.J. Harvey, Beth Gibbons, Amber Valentine, and Julie Christmas… Most important, the feminine voice is not exclusive to women. It is the place where you get life as is: unknown and as close as possible to death. It's the time of soothing chaos, when no phallic definition dares to put things in order. The feminine voice circles in perfect rhythm. It's the state of no frontiers, and the drive to the ultimate unrecognized achievement.


Noga is the Hebrew name for planet Venus and a literary Hebrew word for "gleam". Noga Shatz (guitar, vocals) + Noga Shalev (bass, vocals) = NX2 – two dim lights carrying your mind and soul on a mystery never to be solved.

I first saw NX2 live two years ago. No growling, no drums, and yet, I was hypnotized and wanted it to last forever. Since that first time, I'd been waiting for an album to be released. It happened at the very beginning of 2007, a first EP titled Dreams on Fire.

So what comprises this magnetic formula called NX2? "Kiss me darling till I bleed/ all over to forget my name […] till I scream in your space" (Feel) an angelic voice which sings about a strong desire to experience, fears, blunt emotions, violence " in the city, in my home, in the place I once belonged" (Violence). And, everlasting drones, but not of the heavy kind. The sound of NX2 is rather light and airy. Instead of sinking you're floating…dreaming…"In my dreams I'm for real […] in my dreams it's all poetic" (Real). That's about it. A poetic struggle for meaningful & creative life, an extremely strong desire presented very softly.



[Dreams on FIRE – NX2 [Sshaking RcordsS 2007

… "Don't be afraid to go where you don't know"


Originally published in August 2007. Since then, Noga Shatz had led the trio Echo Bench which disbanded when she headed elsewhere-&-out, and has a new project named Parket (Noga Shatz – music, lyrics, vocals & guitar; Meital Ela – guitar; Oved Efrat – bass and Dave Hamenahem – drums). As for Noga Shalev, I've failed to follow her closely, but apparently she has released two solo albums.

Dream on girls, and may all your dreams cum Poetic.


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    אז נמשיך לעקוב 😉

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