I'm in no mood for poetic lines, nor do I have the time, but I do feel the urge to say out loud that no one has come close this year to Sutcliffe Jugend in terms of quantity equals quality.

Three album released via three different labels.

Offal [Cold Spring]

"This is really happening / This is happening right now / And this is how it feels / And know this / Know this / You will never know me / Understand / Listen […]"


"From the centre of my skull / From the hollow inside my broken ribs / From the dirty blood pumping inside my veins / From the skin I cut open to let you inside me / Let you inside me / Let you inside me / You slice up reality into moral opposites / Come to terms with the harsh reality / A sexless liberal / Intellectual elitist art fag / Embracing a slither of convenient life / Now show me / A life without / For fucking what / So that I can scream / So that I can feel / To imagine a life / To vent a frustration / At my fucking failure / To suck in the air / The air you vomit / You shit / You shit / Slice […]"


The Muse [Death Continues]

Are you ready to explore the limits of your grief? Take a ride with this lament, and cleanse the pain within your veins.

<p><a href="">SUTCLIFFE JUGEND :: Upon Her Passing [Official Video]</a> from <a href="">F Squared Media</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Masks [Old Europa Café]

Tear them apart, I dare you tear them apart, your masks, and wear some others to please, to please only.

I had the great pleasure to see them in Berlin last May. Now, I've been to quite a few noise events before, but never had I seen such an enthusiasm among the crowd, as if we were in a rock concert ha.. ha..

If you want to feel it too, and you do, believe me, you do! Go to London in February (click on photo) & buy their next album "Shame" (or pre-order it here)


Thank you Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor for howling out loud your truth.


photo by Karolina Urbaniak

I would also like to thank Uri Shaham (Topheth Prophet) for introducing SJ to me quite a while ago, and to Stefan Hanser (Anemone Tube ; The Epicurean) for making dreams come true.

I wish you a very Happy 2017!

Who knows? Perhaps it will show you that true light may very well shine brighter in your darkest self-core.


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