I'm in no mood for poetic lines, nor do I have the time, but I do feel the urge to say out loud that no one has come close this year to Sutcliffe Jugend in terms of quantity equals quality.

Three album released via three different labels.

Offal [Cold Spring]

"This is really happening / This is happening right now / And this is how it feels / And know this / Know this / You will never know me / Understand / Listen […]"


"From the centre of my skull / From the hollow inside my broken ribs / From the dirty blood pumping inside my veins / From the skin I cut open to let you inside me / Let you inside me / Let you inside me / You slice up reality into moral opposites / Come to terms with the harsh reality / A sexless liberal / Intellectual elitist art fag / Embracing a slither of convenient life / Now show me / A life without / For fucking what / So that I can scream / So that I can feel / To imagine a life / To vent a frustration / At my fucking failure / To suck in the air / The air you vomit / You shit / You shit / Slice […]"


The Muse [Death Continues]

Are you ready to explore the limits of your grief? Take a ride with this lament, and cleanse the pain within your veins.

<p><a href="">SUTCLIFFE JUGEND :: Upon Her Passing [Official Video]</a> from <a href="">F Squared Media</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Masks [Old Europa Café]

Tear them apart, I dare you tear them apart, your masks, and wear some others to please, to please only.

I had the great pleasure to see them in Berlin last May. Now, I've been to quite a few noise events before, but never had I seen such an enthusiasm among the crowd, as if we were in a rock concert ha.. ha..

If you want to feel it too, and you do, believe me, you do! Go to London in February (click on photo) & buy their next album "Shame" (or pre-order it here)


Thank you Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor for howling out loud your truth.


photo by Karolina Urbaniak

I would also like to thank Uri Shaham (Topheth Prophet) for introducing SJ to me quite a while ago, and to Stefan Hanser (Anemone Tube ; The Epicurean) for making dreams come true.

I wish you a very Happy 2017!

Who knows? Perhaps it will show you that true light may very well shine brighter in your darkest self-core.


מודעות פרסומת

TwoThousandFourteen – In Memory Of

Keeping my promise.

Top three:

Last Dominion Lost – Towers of Silence [The Epicurean/Silken Tofu]

Irresistible from first to last note. Pierces and whirls and freezes every single cell in your body. Hypnotizes you, listener, to meet your own life and death in just forty-two minutes, knocking heavily on your own gates of towers of silence. No, you don't. You wish not to open those doors to welcome eternal hail and fire, but you simply || have || no || choice.  So, let go, and welcome the inevitable surrender to the best album of the year 2014.

Further details and reading:

The Epicurean Bandcamp

Noise Receptor



Krank/The Grimsell Path – Verdant Hum [The Epicurean]

Home. Krank was home the moment I opened its door, and there, I met John Murphy for the very first time, stretching leisurely on my cloudy soul. See, I wasn't aware of his glorious, ha ha, past. I began exploring only after I'd realized he was drumming for LDL above, which I was hoping to see one day, and I did, last May, but alas, he was no longer.  As for The Grimsell Path, well it was its backyard alright; for me, that is. Grassy, beautiful, swings n' stuff, but at the back.

Verdant Hum is the only cassette I've ever purchased; unintentionally, and yet. Cassettes are the most wretched of formats. A mistake? I don't think so. True love cannot fail to err.

Shellac – Dude Incredible [Touch and Go]

Listening to Shellac feels like hiking in an arid desert, totally exposed, nowhere to hide, and Dude Incredible is no exception. It uses the same Shellac barren sound to research, contemplate, take notes and comment on society focusing on the individual/s. It projects the conclusions on a closed window, so you cannot avoid looking through, while seeing your own reflection. Nerves stripped, it makes my intellect feel, while denying my heart the singing it usually seeks. The usual Shellac treatment.

In case you prefer concrete to clouds – Steve Albini Breaks Down Shellac's 'Dude Incredible' Track by Track

Best friends:

Best friends are those albums that welcome me home and help me leave all the dull and/or wrong behind me.

Cadaver Eyes – Class Mammal [Heart & Crossbone]

Class mammal was my cruelly soothing mirror. Screaming & scratching, drumming & vibrating, it said Speciesism no more. Conquerors of other-self-destruction, be gone. And I, in two-thousand-fourteen, heard the sweetest lullaby of dawn. I still do.

Jucifer – District Of Dystopia [Nomadic Fortress]

Raw and fierce is the roar. Submit. Glowing and sparkling are the beats of life-core. Rejoice. The queen and king have totally disposed of the red carpet, marble floor and chandeliers, to dance you for real, once and for all. Raw is the glamor and glowing its fangs.

The Original parade as revealed on December 30, 2014 on FB:


Overlooked in real time, but should definitely have been included in my best of twenty fourteen:

Brighter Death Now – With Promises of Death [Tesco Germany]

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads – Stay Home [Toxic State]

Häxxan – Häxxan [Heroic Leisure]

Ausmuteants  Order of Operation [Goner]

The Body – I Shall Die Here [Rvng Intl.]

Khost – Copper Lock Hell [Cold Spring]

Useless Eaters – Bleeding Moon [Castle Face]

In memory of


John Murphy 1959-2015

Photo by Karolina Urbaniak

For further reading, buy Noise Receptor issue no. 4 (I bought mine at Tesco Germany), and/or purchse "All My Sins Rememberd…" from The Epicurean.

mind on hill אלבום בכורה ל- ED

ed mind on hill

פית/קית 2007

על הבוקר: מכירים את ההרגשה הזו שמישהו מכין לכם קפה על הבוקר והוא יוצא בול כמו שאתם אוהבים? גם נהניתם, וגם לא התאמצתם. אלבום הבכורה של ED מזכיר את ההרגשה הזו של "בדיוק מה שצריך", אבל שלא כמו הקפה של הבוקר, הוא מתאים תמיד. "מיינד און היל" הוא אלבום נגיש שמתאים בכל עת ולכל מצברוח. יש בו אנרגיה, שמחה, מלנכוליה, רוגע, פראות, חופש! לכן, לא חשוב באיזה מצברוח הוא תופס אתכם, הוא בא תמיד בזמן. ולכן, הוא לא רק אלבום בכורה, הוא אלבום בכורה מנצח.

על הניצחון: היתרון ב- mind on hill איננו טמון רק בהתאמתו לכל רגע בחיים. הגדולה שלו היא ביכולת ההתחמקות שלו. אחד עשר שירים שכיף לגשת אליהם. לא מאיימים, לא נושכים, לא בועטים, אבל מתחמקים, לא מהמאזין, כי אם מהבנאליות. מתחמקים ברגע האחרון, או ברגע הראשון, או לפעמים באמצע, אבל לעולם משאירים טעם מיוחד. דוגמא בולטת היא השיר השלישי, Familiar , שבאופן סימבולי נשמע כל כך מוכר, כזה שכבר שמענו בהמון תחנות בעבר. אבל, בדקה ומשהו האחרונות פתאום נכנס לו משב רוח ממקום אחר, מדוסטרש בעדינות, מהורהר ומוכתם בפז פסיכדלי קטן, שובר ת'כיוון המיינסטרימי משהו שבו השיר יכול היה להיתקע. דוגמא נוספת היא השיר שלפניו, בו הריקוד עם סינדרלה עלול היה להיות חסר חן לחלוטין, אולם הוא מקושט בצעדים מחרמנים במיוחד של חריקות דיסהרמוניות בגיטרה. באופן דומה, כל השירים מתובלים בהפתעות ויוצרים תערובות ערבות לחיך.

על המובילים: שניים, לטעמי, מנהיגים את הניצחון: שיר הנושא, ו- Yellow Mellow . Mind on Hill מתחיל בשירה נשית נעימה, אז מה.. אז ככה: הוא לא נשאר שם, תמר אפק משתחררת עם המילים ועם המנגינה ועם דייויד בלאו, ועולה ויורדת בקצב משתנה, בעליות ובמורדות של השיר המיוחד הזה. Mellow Yellow הוא השיר האהוב עלי, כי הוא שובר חזק הצידה מהכותרת כבר על הצלילים הראשונים, כי הוא הכי מחרמן, כי איפשר להתנגד לו. כיוון שהוא הולך עד הסוף ללא מעצורים, והנהג לוחץ עוד ועוד על הגאז בנגינת גיטרה מתמסרת עד כלות ובשירה מצליפה כמו סטירה.

על המילים: תפשיטו את השירים. תגלו אותם לבד. לא נותנים לכם בקלות. שם המשחק הוא מסתוריות, ו- ED מעדיפים לשמור את הקלפים ביד שלהם עד שתחטפו אותם בעצמכם. חשפנות תקבלו במועדון אחר. אבל תציצו שנייה מעל הראש של היריב ואני מסמנת לכם שני טיזרים. You believe me when I lie / I can trust you not to die" ". If I could break this silence, break your hope, just like I wanted it" ". תחליטו לבד איזה שורה שייכת לאיזה "מוביל". מה יש, גמני רוצה לשחק במחבואים.

על המנצחים: גיטרות ושירה – דייויד בלאו ותמר אפק. בס – יונתן בירנבאום. תופים – גיא שכטר. תופים – גיא שכטר! (:  יוצרים רוק עם נגיעות קלות בנויז גיטרות. הם כותבים ביחד, ואפילו שיתפו בכתיבת ארבעה מהשירים את חברת הלהקה לשעבר, זואי פולנסקי ( קטמין; אקס-ליון טיימר). האי פי הראשון, "Demos" , יצא לפני שנתיים. באותה תקופה ראיתי אותם בהופעה, והם נראו מבטיחים. אז עכשיו הם מקיימים עם אלבום בכורה, שמעיד על להקה בשלה לרוץ קדימה ולהגיע רחוק.

ed band pic

תנו דעתכם לגבעת הבכורה של ED , עם יד על הלב, תמצאו שם אלבום בכורה מנצח.

פורסם לראשונה באתר אינדי, אוגוסט 2007.


השיטה: ב"אינדי" היינו כותבים ומפרסמים את מה שקרוב ללבנו, אבל מדי פעם קבלנו  מטלות מהעורכים, בעיקר מטלות שקשורות בלייבל "פתקית". את מיינד און היל של אד קיבלתי יען כי נהניתי מאחת ההופעות שלהם ב"הייניקן הבימה" (זוכרים שהיה דבר כזה?), ורצתי לספר לחבר'ה. זה קרה כשנה או שנתיים לפני צאת האלבום, כאשר זואי פולנסקי עוד הייתה חלק מהלהקה.

הסיבה: לדייויד בלאו ולהקתו החדשה Dia Malo יש אלבום חדש בשם Stillness , שממש כדאי להאזין לו, ואף לרכוש.

שיהיה בהנאה,




Instead of reviewing a single year, I've decided to go over a whole decade. And, what started as a simple listing plus copy-paste has eventually become an extremely revealing experience. It made me realize how my musical world has expanded and evolved, as the community of fans has altered too, due to changes in our virtual playground. We began writing in music forums, and then on Myspace and finally FB, and so, words have gradually diminished.

I found out that 2005-2006 were written in Hebrew and needed translation.  2007 to 2009 were reviewed both in Hebrew (ynet alternative music forum / Indie zine) and in English (Myspace. I could never imagine myself making such an effort today). Also, those three years, I separated my favorite Israeli albums from the bests of the rest of the world, which I didn't feel the need to do later on. And, 2010 and on has been about FB where everything's instant-shallow. 

2005 – It's a Thin Line between Fiction and Real

Nin – With teeth [Nothing / East / Interscope]

"With Teeth" [is my no. 1] because even though I've listened to it forever, I haven't yet managed to grasp it all. Each time I listen summons a new discovery – a new note that hasn't been there before, a deeper understanding of the lyrics, and more importantly, their perfect connection to the music. Trent Reznor seeks identity and meaning while standing on the border line between fiction and reality. It's about an intellectual, uncompromising and painfully sober quest. [Well, there was more, but I guess this would do]

2006 – Going all the way

This year is obviously about girl power as all three No. Ones have a female vocalist at the front – Amber Valentine and Julie Christmas.

Jucifer – If Thine Enemy Hunger [Relapse]

This couple feels like home to me. Gazelle Amber Valentine – guitar, and her husband Edgar Livengood – drums, taking me one step forward in life. They fight for what they believe in, they look around and ignore nothing, and provides me with new meanings for "music", "life", "together"…If Thine Enemy Hunger opens various musical windows to everything that Jucifer means to me. "And razor blades".

Made Out of Babies – Coward [Neurot Recordings]

MOoB is one of Neurot's new babies – Brendan Tobin (guitar), Eric Cooper (bass), Matthew Egan (drums) & the legendary vocalist Julie Christmas. Coward begins with a fierce-piercing roar and remains quite intense till its end. Also, I like the way Out, the brief closing in their debut Trophy, is reprised and developed here to show continuity. "We sing and scream it seems our dreams are spools of string and pigs with wings"

Battle of Mice – A Day of Nights [Neurot]

Battle of Mice =Josh Graham+Julie Chrismas+Joel Hamilton+Tony Maimone +Joe Tomino= a great supergroup who cast a spell called A Day of Nights. It sounds like a long journey taking different turns in different shades, it reveals the truth just like night vision binoculars help you through the night and it takes the time to explain. "Every time I think of pushing you down the stairs, I lick my lips. But don't be upset, it's the only way that I know how to show you that I really care."

Graceful 2007

Overmars – Born Again [Appease Me]

This one track album enables me to feel the sense of elevation while deeply sinking into the depth of my being. I have desperately waited for their new album and although at first, I did not understand their one-track concept, Overmars didn't fail me and demonstrated a classical approach to a doom piece of music. "Until the bell tolls, I am immortal."

2007 – The Israel so few of us know about

bARBARA – Peger [HCB Records]

Peger (= cadaver) is about the unpromised land and about its masters who have become slaves to their own power. It's also about the blindness and indifference of man in general, and his inferiority to animals, even to the loathed creature he has cursed as the very first act of denying self-evil.

"[…] let nature be do not/ conquer follow the serpent / moves adapting to the landscape."

It was very easy for me to recognize the power within the Peger's screaming breaths before he's totally and brutally slaughtered again, but it took me quite a while to realize how deep the cut is, and how intensive the bleeding which waters our fields….

2008 – "Violent sympathy, white rage"…"Oh yes, and women too" 

MOoB – The Ruiner [The End]

From energetic "Cooker" to semi-dark prophetic "How to Get Bigger" there's no sound I can do without. MOoB have come a long way since Trophy, and have changed quite a lot since Coward. Meaning, they're exploring new paths, new fields and new airways. The major change is about the music clearly taking the lead over the incompatible frontwoman's singing (without overshadowing its stunning effect, of course). Also, the musical world of MOoB has summoned new sounds and a new attitude, into which J. Christmas' enchanting lyrics are woven. She said in an interview, that there's no clear meaning to the title. Well it's quite clear to me that the ruiner couldn't be an alien or a pet.

The Heroine Sheiks – Journey to the End of the Knife [Amphetamine Reptile]

I have a feeling this album did not get the acclaim it deserves. It demands extraordinary talent to be subtle about shoving things bluntly in people's face, and dressing it up into a cheerful outfit. I wouldn't like to meet any of Selsbers' personas, but I enjoy the intrusion to obscure territories and the creepy sense of perspective, sort of "Devil's Rejects". Journey to the End of the knife, I believe, is far too smart for you. What? Don't you like it? "Be a man"!

2008 – The Israeli Connection

"All Roads Lead to Rome", but who knows the way to Jerusalem?

Drone Lebanon/Wertham – Roma-Yerushalyim [Topheth Prophet]

Roma-Yerushalayim is a split concept album which draws a power electronics line between materialism (Rome) and spirituality (Jerusalem), where point "Rome" is represented by Wertham and point "Jerusalem", by Drone Lebanon.

DL's lucid gaze has conjured five short tracks, sampling different aspects of the issue in question – who stands to be the next instant- Messiah? […]

Wertham's confident skillful hand has painted two long beautiful and glorious tracks. The first, "La Distruzione del Tempio", […] and then crudely describe the destruction of the temple and the power behind it. The second, Aelia Capitolina, deals with the essence of that power, […] 

2009 – Starters, Main Course, Desserts, Digestifs – Serve Yourselves.

Sunn O))) – Monoliths & Dimensions [Southern Lord]

Monoliths & Dimensions embodies the Sun O))) lore of music & myth. Its grandeur is undeniable and discernable from the moment Attila Csihar begins to slowly lay the words of" Aghartha", one by one, for the listener to walk on, until the last of reverberating sounds stands still, and he finds himself walking on water, wind and silence. Its cyclic sense swirls around the ceremony held in "Big Church", which recommences three times and silenced twice. Its visionary aspect weighs heavily and heralds clearly through "Hunting & Gathering".  Its romantic 'Enlightenment' called "Alice" unfolds a harmonious fan of familiar, yet unexpected sounds concluding in a single horn ray of truth. Its innovative impact derives from futuristic insights revealed through retrospection, which makes Monoliths & Dimensions invincible!

2009 – DESSERTS – Jizz it all over…

Jizzbox – Jizzbox [Alamut]

From the gut to the gutter, jizzbox ejaculates its painful filth. It has no listeners in mind. If you happen to be there, you're hit. Be there.jizzbox had no listeners in mind, yet someone paid close attention to that raw power confession and handled it with super-special-tender care, never damaging the already damaged. And, I was gladly hit, and it has been my faithful companion ever since. I could author my reasons in many a paragraphs, but I'd rather fatefully admit that if you can't love jizzbox, you can't love me.

2010 – It's About Time!

Jucifer – Throned in Blood [Nomadic Fortress]

Total exposure; zero manipulation; Jucifer as is – my album of the year!!


 Anemone Tube – Death Over China [Topheth Prophet/Silken Tofu]

I cannot argue with such an overwhelming sonic text, so coherently and beautifully authored. I cannot argue with the seriousness and thoroughness it displays. I could quite easily argue with perfectionism; but, not in this case.

2012 – Top of the Pops

Skin Area – Rothko Field [Malignant]

Mature. Confident. No hesitation. No compromise. No mistakes. Its fierce moments will stab you. Its gentle ones will tear you apart.

2013 – "Is it almost time?" 😉

(Los) Melvins –Tres Cabrones [Ipecac]

The "Three Bastards" has got that old spark which lit a big flame in my heart, and it has kept burning ever since. Thus, Tres Cabrones is, no doubt, the legitimate king of 2013.

2014 – You're yesterday!

Last Dominion Lost – Towers of Silence [The Epicurean/Silken Tofu]

Last year, no words accompanied the sounds, and as I'm planning to pay a special (post) attention to 2014 in the future, I'll just say that Towers of Silence cuts so deep into your soul that it leaves you totally out of breath.

2015 – The Sounds of Silence

Lietterschpich – For Fears [Nova Romema]

If you're new to Lietterschipch "For Fears" might not sound very communicative, but to me it sounds their most Romantic album, and besides being the best album of 2015, I'll name it Futuristic Nostalgia

Have a wonderful 2016!


litterschpich nov 25 pikit fund raise for boom


October Second, Fall **revisited

"Dear darkness
Dear darkness
Won't you cover, cover
Me again?
Dear darkness
I've been your friend
For many years
Won't you do this for me?
Dearest darkness
And cover me from the sun…"

Taken from Dear Darkness by PJ Harvey


"For a long time I made up most songs walking around at night, just 'cause I liked walking around at night. And so I saw the moon a lot. It's a really overused image, but there's always ways to use overused images well. To make them new again or at least to try to."

Elliott Smith, as told to M. Bates, 1997. (quoted in New Moon)

I woke up this morning and looked at the crowded pillow beside me: A Heart of Dog, which I've just finished reading and A Pigeon and A Boy that I haven't started yet. An Excellent Italian Greyhound – the special hollow sound and the most accurate drumming ever. A Monkey Son of a Donkey that was Going Down  'till it disappeared (or actually, and unfortunately, disbanded). A New Moon – too painful to talk about; and a White Chalk, which draws a true masterpiece (despite my previous reservations regarding the piano). A Weedeater ?!? with God Luck and Good Speed – the heavy sound the caressing voice and track 4. A great Black Madonna and a Stoner Witch, At the Stake, where Buzzo's at his best. I laid my eyes on those who were Navigating the Bronze – using some unique explosives. And then, I looked up at The Galilean Satellites, which I enjoy so much and made some Special Wishes (though I still strongly believe in Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men). Finally, I pressed the play button – The End of Radio… "Here's a new definition of perfection", I thought.  And then I thought of happiness and of all the words that rhyme with it, and couldn't spell but one.


October Second, Fall was originally published in 2007, on October 2nd (duh).

So, what rang the bell on a mid-summer day? I Declare Nothing. Track six. October 2nd (initially, revisited again).

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – I Declare Nothing ['a' Recordings 2015]

Not only for her velvet voice, his delicate guitar decorations on Cocain Cat and so many such subtle surprises along the way, but first and foremost, due to the exquisite walking-hand-in-hand of a very young person who's got that access to knowing things unknown to many, and a man who's recognized it & her.

"I found a piece of paradise and I wanted to spread it all around"

Go for it HERE

tess and anton 3

CLASS MAMMAL – נשאתיך בלי מלים

cadaver eyes class mammal

CLASS MAMMAL, בן ל-Cadaver Eyes יצא לאוויר העולם ב- Heart&Crossbone בנובמבר 2014, לאחר הריון שארך כשנה.

CE, על שם צירוף מלים משיר של אליס קופר, התחיל כ-ONE-MAN- GRIND-BAND בתחילת שנות האלפיים. האיש, היה ועודנו, דודיק אופנהיים (בלטה, ליטרשפיך, ברברה, ח3 וחולירע). דודיק אחראי לתופים ולקולות. לפני שמונה שנים, הצטרף ערן זקס (קישור) עם no-input mixer , הוריד מדודיק את הסמפולים והמניפולציות על הסאונד, העצים ומיקצע אותם, ולמעשה, מיקסם את הפוטנציאל הטמון בעיניי הגוויה.

CLASS MAMMAL הוא האלבום הרביעי של קדאבר אייז, והראשון שניתן לקרוא לו אלבום סטודיו. הראשון, עם כוונה לאלבום ושירים לא מאולתרים, עד כמה שאפשר מבחינת השירה והנגינה של זקס, הראשון שנעשו בו חזרות לפני ההקלטה, וגם, יש לומר, לפני הופעות בארץ ובאירופה. (האלבום הראשון – דודיק-סולו; השני – ספליט עם BURMESE ; השלישי – הוקלט בהופעה).

הכותרת מתייחסת לסוּגָנוּת, שמשמעה עליונות מינים שונים של בעלי חיים על אחרים, והשירים מצביעים, כתמיד, על המציאות המקולקלת חברתית-כלכלית-פוליטית ועל התוקפנות של עם אחד כלפי עם אחר, שטומנת בחוּבָּה הרס עצמי.
שבע רצועות. שבעה שירים. חמישה מקוריים. מילים – דודיק אופנהיים. שני קאברים. האחד, HYESTR , במקור – Have You Ever Seen the Rain של CCR למילים של ג'ון פוגרטי. השני, ACETONE של מאדהאני. דודיק מעיד, שכשהוא שר, המקור מהדהד לו בראש. חזק. במאי שעבר, זקס לקח חלק בהופעה של הייפריון אנסמבל בברלין, ונתן את הדיסק ל- King-Khan שנכח שם. הרצועה השביעית – MAMMAL –  תפסה אותו חזק, ולכן תככב בפסקול לסרט דוקומנטרי של Miron Zownir , אשר לו אחראי מיודעינו. כבוד.
הוקלט על ידי קובי כהן ב- River Studios
מיקס – CE
מאסטרינג – דניאל מאיר
עד כאן

security personal security
security your security
security social security
security financial security
security political security
security forces security
secure I.T.Y.  
בתופים, תדרים וצרחות, CLASS MAMMAL מספק מקום מפלט; רחם לחזור אליו מעוולות היום ו/או שִמְמונו. מייצר אפשרות לנשום וללטף. מייחל למציאות שלא תהיה קיימת לעולם, והופך אותה קיימת – לי – יופי למכביר.

Tall Mountains

Tall mountains we'll never climb,
as the air moves we parish
leaving our faint passionate mark,
possibly not even that

oh, look at those beautiful tall mountains
reminds me of swiss chocolate packaging.

שמך, מוצאך ועיר הולדתך, על (שתים שלוש) אף,
בת מיעוטים


לאלבום כולו (ואל תפספסו את המילים שכתב עליו רני זגר. איזה יופי!)

להמשיך לקרוא