Writing and Pissing


I've been planning to write about Jucifer's L'Autrichienne for two years (and Throned In Blood is already here). I've been planning to write about Kobi Or's work for even longer. Planning: a strong feeling of necessity; a burning flame sparkling bits of lines or titles or both. Sooner or later, they will stop hurting and will run a written thought; just like pissing. Sooner or .later, it has to come out, or you're dying, or dead

poem 3

only poets piss in sinks

it is a cold seattle nite
 i cant be bothered to get out of bed –
and go all the way to the toilet
i tell her

 its only out thru the kitchen –
she tells me

 if im at home i just open the window –
and piss into the back yard
she lifts her head from the pillow
and holds me with her dark eyes

 really? she says –
my ex-boyfriend would never
do a thing like that

 no? i ask –
 no he was very fastidious –
and would never piss out of a window
 i dont allways piss out of windows –
i correct her
 sometimes i piss in the sink instead –

she looks at me
 well he certanly wouldnt do that either –
she says
? why not –
i ask
 he just wasnt raised that way –
she says levelly
 well nor was i –
? then why do you do it –
i think for a second
! becouse im a poet –
i ansewer
then laugh into the pillow

Billy Childish

There's only Him to fully understand why I've chosen this Childish piss of literature above all others. For, he's my brother, and he is my lover; and I .wish I could stand in front of him poet, only once, before I stop pissing

The Poet

Rock 'n' roll

The Painter

Billy Childish – A_man


Originally published in August 2010; videos are present additions.

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